VectoTech Warranty Policy

Return Policy

If the product you wish to return was purchased from an authorized VectoTech seller, it must be returned to the reseller and is subject to the terms and conditions of the reseller. Contact the reseller directly to obtain specific return instructions.

If the product was purchased directly from VectoTech, it may be returned for refund or exchange, excluding any shipping charges. All returns must occur within 30 days of the purchase. To return an item, email VectoTech Customer Service at support@vectotech.com to receive your Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. Returned items must be shipped in their original packaging and in the same condition in which they were sold. Be sure to include any cables, power supplies, documentation, etc. that were provided along with the item. For your protection, it is advised you insure the package and ship it using a traceable method such as UPS or FedEx. VectoTech is not responsible for packages that are lost or damaged during shipping.

If any of the above conditions are not met, VectoTech reserves the right to refuse the return. The amount refunded by VectoTech is at the sole discretion of VectoTech and will be determined based on the conditions of the items returned.


VectoTech offers a 3 year limited warranty for consumer products.

This warranty applies to new VectoTech storage products purchased for normal use and not for resale. Items must have been purchased directly from VectoTech or from an authorized VectoTech dealer. VectoTech guarantees that a covered product is free from manufacturing defects, with some exceptions.

The warranty lasts for 3 years from the date of purchase depending on when and where a particular product was purchased. To determine the warranty for your specific VectoTech product email support@vectotech.com. You may need to supply a valid proof of purchase to ensure your eligibility. If you do not have a valid proof of purchase, your limited warranty period will be measured from the date of sale by VectoTech to the authorized distributor.

The warranty does not cover damage resulting from misuse, accident, modification or alteration to hardware or software, commercial use, improper maintenance, unsuitable physical or operating environments beyond product specifications, or failure caused by a product for which VectoTech is not responsible. There is no warranty for loss of data- it is highly advised that you regularly back up any data stored on your product to a separate storage product. There is no warranty for any product with removed or altered identification labels. VectoTech is not responsible for returning any product to you that is not under warranty.
If your VectoTech product is not functioning properly, follow the troubleshooting procedures that VectoTech or your reseller provides. To access Warranty services, first email support@vectotech.com and obtain an RMA and ship-to-address. You must ship the product to the VectoTech logistics center using approved packaging. You must pay any associated transportation charges, duties and insurance in shipping the drive. It is advised that you remove all personal information from the product prior to its return.

If your defective product meets the proper conditions, VectoTech will replace your drive with a functionally equivalent replacement product, transportation prepaid. Your product may be replaced with a product that was previously used, repaired, and tested to meet VectoTech specifications. You will receive title to the replacement product at delivery to the carrier at the VectoTech shipping point. You are responsible for the importation of the replacement product, if applicable. Your original drive will not be returned to you, therefore it is your responsibility to move your data to another source before returning the drive to VectoTech. Upon receival of the replacement product, VectoTech will grant a warranty for the replacement product that extends to the remainder of the warranty of the original product or 90 days, whichever is greater.

VectoTech is not liable for third-party claims against you for damages; loss of or damage to your data; special, incidental, or indirect damages; or for any economic consequential damages.

The VectoTech warranty grants you specific rights. However, you may also have additional rights depending on your local legislature.