How to format VectoTech Rapid for MAC

Formatting for MAC

1. Connect Rapid SSD to your MAC

2. Open Disk Utility. To open it, go to “Finder” -> Click on “Applications” in the left side bar -> double click on “Utilities”-> Double click on “Disk Utility”

Disk Utility placement

3. Click on “View” button in top left corner and select “Show All Devices” in a drop down menu. (For MAC OS High Sierra users only, skip this step if using other MAC OS)

View button - Show All Devices

4. Click on “VectoTech media” only in the left side bar (Do not click on Rapid or any other partitions)

VectoTech Media only

5. Click on Erase button – in the top middle menu


6. Change the name from “Untitled” to the name you want your Rapid SSD to show up on your computer

7. Keep “Format: OS X Extended (Journaled)” and “Scheme: GUID Partition Map” as it is

8. Click “Erase” button

You are all set and can start using your VectoTech Rapid immediately

*Important steps 3 and 4

Common misunderstanding is trying to format “Rapid” partition and not the drive itself “VectoTech Media”, this is when drive will appear as “disk2s1” or similar. Mac OS High Sierra users need to follow step 3 to show an actual drive.